Ashley B.

Ambassador at Louisiana State University at Alexandria

Class of 2023

Hometown: Alexandria, LA

Major: Biology

Concentration: Pre-Dental

Secondary Major: Chemistry

Minor: Psychology

My favorite LSUA class/professor is...

My favorite LSUA professor is Dr. Bowers. My favorite LSUA class was Comparative Anatomy. Dr. Bowers teaches many biological sciences classes. She is my favorite professor because of her teaching style. Dr. Bowers requires everyone to participate in class. She will stop her lecture and ask questions and if you do not know, she takes the time to explain the answer and why it would be the answer. She made every class a fun class. Dr. Bowers also finds it important to be involved in campus. If there is a campus event and class is during the event, she takes everyone to the event to get students engaged on campus.

My favorite campus tradition is...

My favorite campus tradition is Trick-or-Treat Street. It is a tradition that allows people to get creative while having fun! Multiple groups around campus get together and pick separate themes and line the streets of campus. They dress up and hand out candy while judges go around and decide which group had the best costume/theme.

My favorite spot on campus is...

My favorite spot on campus is the stone table behind the Biological Sciences building near golf course. There is a pond right next to the table that allows me to watch nature and enjoy the view. There is a tree on the other side of the table where a squirrel lives and sometimes comes out and plays with his friend. It's the cutest thing to watch while doing classwork!

My advice to incoming students is...

My advice to any incoming student is to get engaged on campus! I am originally from Lafayette and planned on transferring after my first year at LSUA. My first semester, I was shy and scared to go to events. One of the Ambassadors convinced me to go to an event with them where I met so many new people and had a ton of fun! From that point on, I went to every event I could and started to join clubs around the campus. I fell in love with LSUA and it has become my home. I can't believe I even considered transferring now. GO to all the events, meet new people, and get involved!

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